Clematis and Jasmine

I’ve finally started getting sorted for the climbers I want to plant. I ordered two Clematis Apple Blossom (Clematis armandii) and a Jasmine Star of Toscana (Trachelospermum jasminoides) from Suttons. I was pretty happy with the packaging and delivery. No damage to the plants, all three were happy and vertical. One of the clematis has some brown leaf tips but it’s probably just an over/under watering issue that will clear up with the right care.

Clematis and Jasmine

We’ve also got three trellises to paint. All three are for the climbers, hopefully that should make the left hand fence look really pretty once they’ve got some growth on them. We’re going to put them on horizontally (6ft x 2ft) from the middle of the fence so they should be nice and stable.

Really looking forward to this job when I get the time to do it!

Both of the climbers are evergreen. I used to love the Montanas at the bungalow but they looked horrible in the winter. Even hard pruned they were a woody mess.

I’m hoping to get some more summer plants started indoors this weekend, hence another rash of seed pages. This blog really helps me to keep track of everything.

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