Tool Time

This won’t be a long post. I’m trying to obliterate the demo content from this theme so excuse the ‘two posts in a row’.

This is our porch. There are many like it, but this one is ours.

The estate agent described it as a “sun room”. Yeeaaah… no. I think to qualify as a sun room it should at least be able to accommodate one chair. It’s more of a utility porch which is now groaning under the weight of all the shit I haven’t taken down to the shed. The shed is a whole other post… it’s a good size, and wired up to the Nth degree. The previous house owner is an electrician and I have never seen so many plug points in a house. Some even have dual USB ports as well!

Excuse the condensation on the seed tray. I do lift it up during the day. Currently there is a tiny lone crane’s-bill (Geranium pratense) poking through. Hopefully it’s friends will join it at some point.

Very pleased with the new rake (Spear and Jackson). Not the cheapest, but sturdy AF. I have a lot of grass to scarify and it’s had 4 whippet bitches bleaching and poaching the crap out of it all winter. I try to restrict the porch to stuff that I use a lot, indoors and out. Mainly indoors at the moment. The shed has taken a massive battering from the rain over the winter and we’re looking at getting a new one put in. The problem is going to be the electrics.. we’re going to need an electrician to help us, there’s a box on the wall with a readout. All very proper!

I’m also overwintering a few plants in there right now.

Apple sapling, rose bush and a tub of bulbs waiting for spring
Apple sapling with snowdrops starting to poke through. Braveheart rose was a bare root gift from someone, also planted with some bulbs. The trough container has a bulb mix which are starting to poke through. And I either forgot to plant a label or Nova (youngest whippet) ran off with it. She did this a lot at the bungalow.

The two apple trees I have in containers are saplings from seeds I harvested from the apple tree in my parents’ garden. Dad planted it a couple of decades ago and I wanted to take something that I could grow from the garden. It’s a sentimental thing, I know growing apples from seed isn’t usually the way it’s done but I didn’t want to graft a cutting.

I sowed 12 seeds, 11 germinated and grew into little saplings; I gave my brother 2 and left 5 out for the neighbours to take. I kept 4 and lost 2 to downy mildew while we were still down south. One is doing better than this one and is in a half whisky barrel outside (more on that in another post). These 2 also suffered badly during the move, but I think they’ll come back.

The plan is to sow forget-me-nots around the bottom of the apple trees. One for mum, one for dad.

Cheesy? I guess, but it feels right.

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