Welcome to the Gravel Zone

We moved in to the house on 16th August 2022. It had been a pretty hot few weeks prior to this but, as we have found, Langholm is home to a somewhat ‘moist’ climate so wasn’t suffering the drought that many other areas of the country were. Finally, after 30 years together we had a house to call our own. No landlord, no having to please people coming to look at my mother’s bungalow while it was on the market. Our very own home.

Our very own garden.

It’s been a shit winter for doing anything outside, a few sunny spells have punctured the rain here and there but it has been impossible to get much done. BUT… spring is on the way, and I’m looking forward to getting started on sowing, potting on, and planting out.

But first I have to deal with the gravel. So. Much. Gravel.

I don’t mind a bit of it here and there, but I want as natural a garden as possible. A good third of the garden is given over to monoblock and gravel. The border down the side is all gravel and all of it has been done ‘properly’ with a weed membrane (ugh) and a good few inches of stones.

The border is my first job. I want to be able to plant out in a couple of months and that’s not gonna happen until we get rid of all the gravel and put some top soil and compost down. I have many other plans – a wildlife pond and wildflower area, fenced off for the dogs safety but with enough space for potential visitors to get in. Hopefully a hedgehog or two. I really miss them. I’d like to plant a mountain ash for the birds. We also have a feeding station ready to go up when possible, but currently we’re hanging feeders from the holly tree. I’m going to map it out, which I’ll post here when done.

A view from above. The garden below and Thomas Hope Hospital in the background
Our garden is on the far right, most of this view is our neighbours’ garden! The view of the hills is gorgeous, and the architecture of Thomas Hope Hospital is lovely.

It’s so pretty here, and mostly quiet. It may be a Victorian stone mid-terrace, but it’s down a narrow side street with very little traffic so it’s a lovely spot. A nice big south facing garden. Shame about all the gravel but you can’t have everything.

It wouldn’t be as much fun if it was already perfect, would it?

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